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The Showcase

The prizes for 1st through 10th listed below are for the full season and will be determined by using the rules in the “Standing Calculation” section below. The “Half Way Champ” is determined by the team that has the highest cumulative total of all scores through the first 18 races of the season (with zero drops). More information can also be found in the “Standings Calculation” section below. For more information on the “Showcase Chase Champion,” please click here.

1st Place$1,000.00 + 2 free entries in 2018 game + trophy6th Place$200.00
2nd Place$500.00 + free entry in 2018 game7th Place$150.00
3rd Place$400.008th Place$100.00
4th Place$300.009th Place$75.00
5th Place$250.0010th Place$50.00
"Half Way Champ"$250.00"Showcase Chase Champion"$500.00
Weekly Prizes = $75.00 per race ($2,700.00 total)
Charity (NASCAR Foundation)$150.00Charity (Victory Junction Gang Camp)$150.00

All prizes will be disbursed via check or PayPal after the 2017 NASCAR season has ended.

Overall League Rules

  • The entry fee is $60.00 per team. There is no limit on the number of teams that a player registers. Each “team” will be a separate log in and “account” on the website.
  • The Showcase runs from February 26, 2017 through November 19, 2017. Only NASCAR’s 36 points-paying races during that time are used in this contest.
  • Each team can pay an additional $10.00 (per team) to become “Chase Eligible.” This is completely optional, and full rules and prizes for that can be found by clicking here.
  • For each points-paying race (36 in 2016), each team will submit a “Roster”–four drivers as well as one “All Star Driver,” for a team total of five drivers. All five drivers must be different. The significance of the “All Star Driver” is explained in the “Scoring” section below.
  • Picks are due at the scheduled green flag for every points-paying race. That time will be listed on the “Submit Picks” page and there will be a countdown. It is recommended that you submit a roster before the closing time.
  • IN CASE OF RACE DELAYS: If the race is delayed until the next day, you will be able to submit picks until the next scheduled green flag. If the race is just being delayed for a few hours, the submission page will remain closed after it’s original scheduled closing, unless the administrator extends the period (an email will be sent notifying teams of this).
  • You can change your roster as many times as you want in a given week before the submission page closes. Once the “Submit Picks” page locks, you cannot change your roster.
  • If a team does not submit a roster, the team’s roster from the previous week will be carried forward and used. If this continues for three straight points-paying races, the team will be “Black Flagged” and stop scoring points starting with the fourth straight race. The “Black Flag” will be lifted once the team submits a new roster.
  • When possible, the current week’s rosters will be posted soon after the green flag on race days. If the administrator is busy that week, however, then there may be a delay on posting.
  • The administrator’s team (“jnmcabee”) is not eligible for any cash prizes, although will participate in the game purely for competition.


  • Each “Roster” will accumulate fantasy points in each of the 36 Sprint Cup points-paying races during the 2017 season, starting with the Daytona 500. The total of these fantasy points will equal to that team’s “Weekly Score.”
  • Each driver will score fantasy points based on the scoring provisions outlined below. The fantasy points for the “All Star Driver” for each will be doubled. For example, if Kyle Busch scores 80 points using the scoring provisions outlined below, and he is your “All Star Driver,” he will earn you 160 points (80 x 2).
  • Every driver will be assigned a specific number of handicap points before the race and those will be added to the points accumulated during the race to arrive at the driver’s weekly score. These handicap points will be listed on the “Submit Picks” page underneath the form to submit your weekly picks, and will usually be posted by the Wednesday before the race. These change every week and are based on all individual driver’s history at that week’s track as well as their recent finishes in the series. Those who have performed well in both categories will receive less handicap points than those who have not. Essentially, this is a way to somewhat even the playing field of picks and allows teams to “take a chance” and pick some of the drivers that aren’t the “favorites” week in and week out.
  • Drivers will also receive points based on their finishing position in each race. A 1st-place finish earns 80 fantasy points, a 2nd-place finish earns 78 fantasy points, etc. A 40th-place finish earns 2 fantasy points.
  • Drivers will earn 0.25 fantasy points per lap led in the race. So, if a driver leads 100 laps, they will earn 25 fantasy points.
  • Drivers will earn or lose 0.5 fantasy points per position gained or lost from his/her official qualifying position. For example, if Kyle Busch starts 2nd and finishes 22nd, he will lose 10 fantasy points for that race. If he would start 22nd and finish 2nd, he would fain 10 fantasy points for that race. Please note: official qualifying position may differ from actual starting position. If a driver qualifies 2nd and has to start from the back of the field for an engine change, their official qualifying position is still 2nd.
  • The driver that wins the race will receive fifteen (15) additional fantasy points.
  • Fantasy points will be awarded to drivers each race based on the two first “Stages” of the race, which are set by NASCAR. The 1st place finisher of each “Stage” will receive ten (10) fantasy points, 2nd place will receive nine (9) fantasy points, etc. down to 10th, which will receive one (1) fantasy point. This is only for the first two “Stages” (three with the Coca-Cola 600)–the final finishing order of the race will receive fantasy points as outlined above.
  • The driver that wins the pole for each race will receive five (5) additional fantasy points. If qualifying is rained out or cancelled, the car number starting 1st for the race will receive the fantasy points.
  • If a driver wins the race from the pole, he/she will receive an additional five (5) fantasy points.
  • Any penalties accrued by a driver or team will not be considered in this fantasy game.
  • Teams will earn fantasy points based on how the drivers picked each race finish, not the car number. It is the players’ responsibility to make sure that the drivers they pick are all participating in the race. Any driver that does not start the race will score zero (0) fantasy points.

Standings Calculation & Prize Tiebreaker Procedures

  • Each team will earn fantasy points based on the “Scoring” rules above. All scores for each team will be added together for a cumulative total (“Standings”), which will be updated after each points-paying race.
  • Each team’s lowest four scores of the season will be dropped to calculate the overall points standings. After week 7, the posted standings will reflect one drop in effect. After week 8, the posted standings will reflect two drops in effect. After week 9, the posted standings will reflect three drops in effect. After week 10 and thereafter, the posted standings will reflect the four lowest scores for each team being dropped. Dropping the four lowest scores of the season can be thought of as “mulligans” and is also done in case any players sign up after the season-opening race.
  • Click here for information and prize eligibility for “The Showcase Chase.”
  • If there is a tie among teams for prize money for any Overall Prizes, the prizes for the tied spot as well as the next prize(s) will be added together and split evenly between the teams. For example, if there is a two-way tie between two teams for 1st place, the 1st- and 2nd-place prizes will be added together and split evenly between the two teams. If there is a three-way tie for 1st place, the 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-place prizes will be added together and split evenly between the three teams. Etc.
  • If there is a tie among fantasy teams for prize money for the Weekly Prizes, the teams tying for that week’s prize shall split that prize evenly.

THIS IS A GAME OF SKILL. WINNERS WILL BE DETERMINED BY THE CRITERIA SET FORTH WITHIN THE GAME RULES. To enter any game on, you must be a person at least 18 years of age or older and located in a state, territory, or province in which participation in these games is unrestricted by law. Void where prohibited by law.