Your replacement for the FOX Fantasy Auto game.

Pick 5 Drivers Each Week
Score Fantasy Points
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1st Place Wins
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It’s All About Finish Points and Place Differential.

How Drivers Score Points

  • Points based on finish
  • +/- 2 points for place differential
  • Extra points for winning and leading laps

How Many Drivers Do I Pick?

For each points-paying race, every team will submit a roster of 5 drivers while staying within a $50,000 salary cap.

Complete Contest Rules

  • This contest is completely FREE to sign up and play. Players are limited to one team each.
  • The Slingshot Fantasy Auto Contest runs from February 18, 2018 through November 18, 2018. Only NASCAR’s 36 points-paying races during that time are used in this contest.
  • For each points-paying race (36 in 2018), all drivers will be set at a certain salary that is determined using their recent performance in NASCAR as well as their recent performance at that particular track. These salaries will be posted on the Monday before the race is scheduled to run.
  • Each team will submit a “Roster” of five total drivers that, when added together, do not exceed the $50,000 salary cap.
  • Picks are due at the scheduled green flag for every points-paying race. That time will be listed on the “Submit Picks” page. It is recommended that you submit a roster before the closing time.
  • If the race is delayed until the next day, you will be able to submit picks until the next scheduled green flag. If the race is just being delayed for a few hours, the submission page will remain closed after it’s original scheduled closing, unless the administrator extends the period (an email will be sent notifying teams of this).
  • You can change your roster as many times as you want in a given week before the submission page closes. Once the “Submit Picks” page locks, you cannot change your roster.
  • Each team must submit a new roster for each race–there is no carry-over. If a team does not submit a roster, the team will score zero points for that race.


  • Each “Roster” will accumulate fantasy points in each of the 36 Sprint Cup points-paying races during the 2018 season, starting with the Daytona 500. The total of these fantasy points will equal to that team’s “Weekly Score.”
  • Drivers will earn a team points based on their finishing position in each race. A 1st-place finish earns 80 fantasy points, a 2nd-place finish earns 78 fantasy points, etc. A 40th-place finish earns 2 fantasy points.
  • Drivers will earn (or lose) 2 fantasy points per position gained (or lost) from his/her official qualifying position. If qualifying is cancelled, the official starting lineup supplied by NASCAR will be used to determine qualifying position. If a driver qualifies in a position and then has to go to the rear of the field at the start of the race, his/her official qualifying position will still be the original spot unless the time is disqualified.
  • The driver that wins the race will earn twenty (20) additional fantasy points.
  • If a driver leads a lap, he/she will earn one (1) additional fantasy point.
  • If a drivers leads the most laps, he/she will earn five (5) additional fantasy points.
  • There will not be fantasy points awarded for Stage finishes.
  • Any penalties accrued by a driver or team will not be considered in this fantasy game.
  • Teams will earn fantasy points based on how the drivers picked each race finish, not the car number. It is the player’s responsibility to make sure that the drivers they pick are all participating in the race. Any driver that does not start the race will score zero (0) fantasy points.

Standings Calculation & Prizes

  • Each team will earn fantasy points based on the “Scoring” rules above. All scores for each team will be added together for a cumulative total (“Standings”), which will be updated after each points-paying race.
  • The team with the highest cumulative total of points after the season is complete will win $200.
  • If there is a tie among teams for prize money for any Overall Prizes, the prizes will be split evenly between the teams.