Private Cash Driver Group Game League

As you know, Yahoo! Fantasy Auto Racing is no longer in operations. Thankfully, Fantasy Racing Cheat Sheet has filled the void there by creating the Driver Group Game. And just like we have done in seasons past, Fantasy Racing Online will be holding a private league for those wanting to play for cash.


  • This game will be played on the Fantasy Racing Cheat Sheet Driver Group Game platform. You must sign up and have a team on there to join this league.
  • This game will follow all standard Driver Group Game rules. Those can be found on the Fantasy Racing Cheat Sheet website.
  • Entry fee is $20.00 per team.
  • All scores will count. There will be no dropped weeks.
  • Once your entry fee is paid and received, you will receive the Driver Group Game League ID and Password to join. It is your responsibility to to join the league.
  • There is no limit to the numbers of teams that can sign up.
  • Standings will be determined by the Driver Group Game. Please familiarize yourself with their rules and scoring procedures.


Cash prizes will be awarded to the top 10 finishing teams at the end of the season. Prize amounts will be determined by the number of teams who join the private league. 95% of the entry fees collected will be paid back to players. The percentages below are based on (# of teams signed up x $20 x 95%). Cash prizes will only be awarded for the final season-long Standings, not for Segments.

# of teams Signed Up = 79

1st Place
6th Place
2nd Place
7th Place
3rd Place
8th Place
4th Place
9th Place
5th Place
10th Place

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