2017 Auction Series Prizes

The total amount collected of all of the final bids in the Auction Series will be added together to form the “Prize Pot.” The prizes listed below will be determined based on that “Prize Pot.” Last year this amount was over $4,000, and it could be higher or lower than that this season–it all depends on how the bids end up. Prizes will be finalized on March 5, 2017.

  • 2017 Auction Series prizes are as follows:
    • 17.5% of Prize Pot to championship-winning driver
    • 2% of Prize Pot for each points-paying race-winning driver (36 total = 72%)
    • 10.5% held for payment processing fees and site/administration costs

All prizes will be disbursed via check or PayPal after the 2017 NASCAR season has ended.

Official Rules of the 2017 Auction Series

  • Before the start of the 2017 NASCAR Monster Energy Cup season, those interested in playing the “Auction Series” have the opportunity to bid for certain drivers. You will need go create a separate account to log in and bid. By creating an account, you accept all rules and regulations of this game.
  • Each driver will be up for bid only once plus “The Field” group. “The Field” group will consist of all drivers that start races during the Monster Energy Cup Series during the 2017 season, excluding all of the drivers that are up for auction individually and listed above.
  • If the auction ends and you have the highest bid, you “own” that driver and his/her statistics for the entire season. However much the high bid is, you owe. This can be paid via PayPal, credit card, or check. You will receive an e-mail once the auction ends and will have 5 days to pay (March 2, 2017).
  • The points-paying race wins and possible championship win that the driver(s) that you own accumulate during the 2017 Monster Energy Series schedule will be how you earn the prizes listed above.
  • If someone does not pay for an auction that they win, the next highest bid will be accepted as the winning bid.
  • NOTE:We use proxy bidding, which is similar to what eBay uses. For example, if you bid $20.00, and the highest current bid is $10.00, the system will put your high bid at $11.00 until someone else bids or the auction ends. It will continue to automatically bid up to your highest amount entered for you. Because of this proxy bidding, that means you don’t necessarily need to be around your computer when the auction ends.

Other Things to Remember

  • Prizes in this game are determined by the win(s) accumulated by the driver(s) you own–not the car number. Statistics of replacement drivers due to injury, suspension, or other factors do not transfer to the original driver’s owner. In many cases, replacement drivers will be part of “The Field.” As an example, in 2013, owners of Tony Stewart and Denny Hamlin (out for injuries) only got prizes based on the performance of those specific drivers and not their replacements. In 2016, the same was true for Dale Earnhardt, Jr., who was out for most of the year with concussion symptoms.
  • There is no guarantee that you will win any prize money in this game. If the driver you win in the Auction Series has zero (0) wins and doesn’t win the championship, you will receive no prize money.

THIS IS A GAME OF SKILL. WINNERS WILL BE DETERMINED BY THE CRITERIA SET FORTH WITHIN THE GAME RULES. To enter any game on FantasyRacingOnline.net, you must be a person at least 18 years of age or older and located in a state, territory, or province in which participation in these games is unrestricted by law. Void where prohibited by law.