As we prepare for the Charlotte ROVAL race this weekend, let’s take a look at the average points scored by driver over the last two years. Not many people know exactly what to expect at the ROVAL on Sunday, but one thing is for sure: this race will be more like a road course than anything else (with maybe a bit of a restrictor plate race sprinkled in, too).

Below you will find the average DraftKings points scored by drivers on road course races over the last two years and the average DraftKings points scored by drivers on the road course races just this year, along with the race-by-race breakdown of the last four road course races.

I’ll be going over this data as well as the entire 40 drivers in the field with my DFS Fantasy NASCAR Breakdown video on Saturday night, so be sure to check back for that and my thoughts for Sunday’s Charlotte ROVAL race and how to play it in DraftKings.

2017-2018 DraftKings Avg. Driver Scoring on Road Courses

DriverDK Points ScoredAvg. StartAvg. FinishAvg. Fastest LapsAvg. Laps LedAvg. Place Differential
Kurt Busch54.623.507.002.000.316.5
Kevin Harvick52.813.307.512.314.805.8
Clint Bowyer50.915.505.303.800.010.3
Kyle Busch47.904.
Chase Elliott44.804.506.509.515.3-02.0
Martin Truex Jr44.403.010.318.528.8-07.3
Denny Hamlin42.711.807.802.804.304.0
Alex Bowman40.519.511.500.000.008.0
Daniel Suarez39.413.309.500.503.503.8
Brad Keselowski38.314.512.003.009.302.5
Erik Jones37.116.311.800.500.304.5
Matt Kenseth36.526.317.000.300.009.3
Chris Buescher31.417.815.500.801.002.3
Aric Almirola30.
Michael McDowell27.816.016.300.500.0-00.3
Parker Kligerman27.530.523.500.000.007.0
Austin Dillon24.924.321.800.300.002.5
Paul Menard24.522.020.800.000.001.3
Ryan Blaney24.111.315.800.500.5-04.5
Matt DiBenedetto24.030.525.300.000.005.3
Kasey Kahne23.319.020.301.500.0-01.3
William Byron23.012.016.500.000.0-04.5
Ty Dillon22.830.025.800.500.004.3
Darrell Wallace Jr22.
Ryan Newman21.519.020.800.000.0-01.8
Ricky Stenhouse Jr19.421.323.000.300.0-01.8
David Ragan19.028.026.500.000.001.5
Jimmie Johnson18.713.520.803.803.3-07.3
Jamie McMurray17.707.317.000.800.3-09.8
Kyle Larson14.202.317.303.502.8-15.0
Landon Cassill12.032.732.300.000.000.3
Ross Chastain12.
Cole Whitt11.529.531.000.000.0-01.5
Joey Logano11.412.323.002.300.0-10.8
Spencer Gallagher08.
Josh Bilicki05.
AJ Allmendinger03.406.324.302.302.3-18.0

2018 DraftKings Avg. Driver Scoring on Road Courses

DriverDK Points ScoredAvg. StartAvg. FinishAvg. Fastest LapsAvg. Laps LedAvg. Place Differential
Martin Truex Jr63.303.001.519.033.001.5
Kurt Busch59.129.507.501.000.522.0
Kevin Harvick57.610.506.021.517.504.5
Chase Elliott56.803.002.513.526.000.5
Kyle Busch52.905.504.015.015.501.5
Clint Bowyer50.518.507.
Erik Jones47.114.506.001.000.508.5
Daniel Suarez43.518.509.500.000.009.0
Alex Bowman40.519.511.500.000.008.0
Chris Buescher34.822.516.000.500.006.5
Denny Hamlin34.311.011.503.003.0-00.5
Ricky Stenhouse Jr30.820.517.000.500.003.5
Aric Almirola29.815.515.000.500.000.5
Kyle Larson28.303.
Brad Keselowski28.013.515.001.000.0-01.5
Parker Kligerman27.530.523.500.000.007.0
Austin Dillon26.525.521.500.000.004.0
William Byron23.012.016.500.000.0-04.5
Matt DiBenedetto23.
David Ragan22.526.524.
Darrell Wallace Jr22.
Michael McDowell22.017.019.500.000.0-02.5
Kasey Kahne21.318.020.500.500.0-02.5
Ty Dillon18.530.528.
Ryan Newman17.516.521.500.000.0-05.0
Landon Cassill17.
Paul Menard16.
Jimmie Johnson14.110.020.502.000.5-10.5
Ross Chastain12.
Matt Kenseth12.
Jamie McMurray09.
Ryan Blaney09.
Spencer Gallagher08.
Cole Whitt06.531.534.500.000.0-03.0
Josh Bilicki05.
AJ Allmendinger-01.406.526.501.002.5-20.0
Joey Logano-

2018 Watkins Glen DraftKings Scoring

DriverDK Points ScoredStartFinishFastest LapsLaps LedPlace Differential
Chase Elliott743126522
Kurt Busch62.53691027
Kyle Busch61.3232731-1
Daniel Suarez572140017
Martin Truex Jr54.5421942
William Byron44168008
Jamie McMurray44147007
Erik Jones43.595104
Clint Bowyer401811007
Kevin Harvick39.51510105
Alex Bowman382214008
Kyle Larson375600-1
Ricky Stenhouse Jr352316007
Ryan Blaney31111200-1
Ty Dillon283023007
Brad Keselowski271717000
Paul Menard253728009
Ryan Newman251919000
Chris Buescher242020000
Darrell Wallace Jr232925004
Parker Kligerman232724003
AJ Allmendinger2281500-7
Michael McDowell20121800-6
Denny Hamlin19.511302-12
Landon Cassill173531004
David Ragan17252600-1
Austin Dillon14242700-3
Ross Chastain123232000
Matt Kenseth12262900-3
Kasey Kahne12102100-11
Spencer Gallagher8343500-1
Cole Whitt7313400-3
Aric Almirola772200-15
Matt DiBenedetto6283300-5
Josh Bilicki5333600-3
Jimmie Johnson-2.8133001-17
Joey Logano-2463700-31

2018 Sonoma DraftKings Scoring

DriverDK Points ScoredStartFinishFastest LapsLaps LedPlace Differential
Kevin Harvick75.86242354
Martin Truex Jr722119621
Clint Bowyer611938016
Kurt Busch55.82361117
Aric Almirola52.52481016
Erik Jones50.82071113
Denny Hamlin4921106411
Chris Buescher45.525121013
Kyle Busch44.595304
Alex Bowman43179008
Matt DiBenedetto4030170013
Chase Elliott39.53410-1
Austin Dillon3927160011
Parker Kligerman3234230011
Jimmie Johnson3171140-4
Kasey Kahne30.52620106
Daniel Suarez301615001
Brad Keselowski29101320-3
David Ragan282822006
Ricky Stenhouse Jr26.51818100
Michael McDowell242221001
Justin Marks213328005
Darrell Wallace Jr213529006
Kyle Larson19.511442-13
Joey Logano18121900-7
Chris Cook183631005
Tomy Drissi173732005
Gray Gaulding13.5293010-1
Ryan Newman10142400-10
Cody Ware103836002
Ty Dillon9313300-2
Paul Menard7152600-11
Cole Whitt6323500-3
Trevor Bayne3.5132710-14
William Byron282500-17
Ryan Blaney-13113400-23
AJ Allmendinger-24.853825-33
Jamie McMurray-2643700-33

2017 Watkins Glen DraftKings Scoring

DriverDK Points ScoredStartFinishFastest LapsLaps LedPlace Differential
Martin Truex Jr643120242
Matt Kenseth55.51521013
Kurt Busch501860012
Clint Bowyer48125407
Kyle Busch47.3172221-6
Daniel Suarez47531142
Denny Hamlin47114007
Ryan Blaney45.5168228
Chris Buescher391711006
Michael McDowell341412002
AJ Allmendinger337900-2
Kasey Kahne311916003
Aric Almirola312921008
Kevin Harvick30.52017103
Erik Jones3061000-4
Ty Dillon302419005
Brad Keselowski29.5815520-7
Paul Menard292118003
Chase Elliott27.841379-9
Ricky Stenhouse Jr262220002
Jamie McMurray25.591410-5
Danica Patrick252522003
Matt DiBenedetto253728009
David Ragan213127004
Austin Dillon192726001
Ryan Newman17232500-2
Corey LaJoie143633003
Joey Logano12.5132470-11
Trevor Bayne5303520-5
Landon Cassill4323600-4
Kyle Larson322360-21
Cole Whitt2263400-8
Jimmie Johnson-4102900-19

2017 Sonoma DraftKings Scoring

DriverDK Points ScoredStartFinishFastest LapsLaps LedPlace Differential
Brad Keselowski67.823351720
Kevin Harvick65.512152411
Denny Hamlin55.314451110
Clint Bowyer54.51323011
Jimmie Johnson50.52413111211
Kurt Busch501776010
Matt Kenseth4238200018
Joey Logano391812206
Kyle Busch38.84503-1
Chase Elliott3888400
Paul Menard371511004
Ryan Newman342015005
Ryan Blaney337900-2
Michael McDowell331614202
Cole Whitt312921008
Austin Dillon27.51918101
Jamie McMurray27.321021-8
Matt DiBenedetto252723004
Erik Jones243025005
Ty Dillon243528207
Daniel Suarez23.5111610-5
Kasey Kahne19.5212450-3
Chris Buescher1791924-10
Danica Patrick1661700-11
Trevor Bayne15.5252710-2
Landon Cassill153130001
David Ragan10283100-3
Kyle Larson-2.812649-25
Ricky Stenhouse Jr-10223800-16
Martin Truex Jr-12.83371625-34
AJ Allmendinger-16.553574-30
As someone who has always been obsessed with numbers, Fantasy NASCAR has been the perfect fit with me. I pride myself on the quality of my analysis for each race, and am glad that I have been able to help others along the way. I've been a serious Fantasy NASCAR player for over 10 years now, and I'm just getting started.