Week 03 (Las Vegas) Fantasy Racing Online Wrap-Up

Jordan McAbeeWrap-Ups

kobalt400That’s the type of race that really jumbles up the standings in many Fantasy NASCAR leagues. Matt Kenseth was the reason for many rosters being ruined this week, and with three bad finishes in a row to start the season, it’s already getting hard to trust the driver of the #20 Toyota. I wrote about this in my Race Recap post this week, so if you missed that click here to take a look.

Another reason a race like this has crazy affects in fantasy is because the race winner (Brad Keselowski) wasn’t an overly popular pick. For example, only 5 of the 179 teams in The Showcase had Keselowski as their All Star Driver.

The Showcase

Matt Kenseth in the garage area

Photo Credit: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

A total of 53 teams had Matt Kenseth as their All Star Driver this weekend, and that’s going to do some damage. The 2nd-most-picked All Star Driver was Kurt Busch at 48 teams. To those that had a bad week with Kenseth: don’t worry! Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Plus, you four lowest scores of the season are dropped in The Showcase, so you can count this as a mulligan. As mentioned before, race winner Brad Keselowski was the All Star Driver for only 5 teams this week, and appeared on just 56 teams total. You’ll have weeks like that.

Week 3 brought with it a third different winner in The Showcase, and a third team locking itself into The Showcase Chase: concordandy. Congratulations! You will have $60.00 in prize money coming your way.  Scoring 280 points when almost half of the teams in this game barely broke 200 is a great week. For those wondering, concordandy had the following roster: Kurt Busch, Kevin Harvick, Jimmie Johnson, Joey Logano, and All Star Brad Keselowski.

Looking at the Leaderboard, SMOKEHAM14 RACING took over the lead this week. It’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway through Segment 1. The team with the most points in the first six races will win $100, and we’ve seen how many points a team can gain (or lose) in just one week, so it will be interesting to see how Segment 1 plays out.

Salary Cap Challenge

We saw a lot of shakeup in the Salary Cap Challenge leaderboard this week, as some of the most picked drivers had some trouble. In addition to the #20 Toyota, the #24 Chevrolet and the #42 Chevrolet both had problems and barely scored any points. Congratulations to team haulin ass 2 on scoring the win this week with 267 points. Ironically, team haulin ass had the lowest week with 143 points. Meanwhile, Lady in Black took over the league lead.

Fantasy NASCAR 4×4

Matt Kenseth smiling in garage19 teams decided to score points at Las Vegas with Blossom Caught Speeding leading the way with 164 points. There were quite a few teams that were affected by Matt Kenseth’s wreck, and they will have to dig themselves out of a pretty big hole from here on out. A total of 24 teams will be scoring next week at Phoenix. That’s typically a pretty predictable race but with the way this season is going, anything is possible.

Up next is Phoenix, another west coast race that will start later on Sunday. Picks are due by approx 3:45 pm in The Showcase. Good luck!