Week 01 (Daytona) Wrap-Up

Jordan McAbeeWrap-Ups

01-daytonaWOW is all I can say.

First wow goes to that finish yesterday! Denny Hamlin by 0.011 seconds! Second wow goes to our little fantasy games here at Fantasy Racing Online. Earlier this month I thought it was going to be a down year, but it ended up being a record year. Across all 3 games, there are a total of over 450 teams. THANK ALL OF YOU FOR PLAYING. In addition to a large number of prizes, we will also be donating a pretty big amount to charities. All of those numbers will be finalized over the next week.

Results and standings have been posted, feel free to browse around and look at them. For those that have been here before, I switched things up a little bit. Most of the standings and results tables now not only look better but most can be sorted by clicking on the column headers. So, for example, on The Showcase Leaderboard, I have overall points listed AND segment points. No more hunting around the site to see those two results: they’re both right there. As we get later into the season, those two standings could be quite different, so make sure you click the header to sort the column you’d like to view. If you have any questions with this just let me know.

Also, under “Results” in the header is “Weekly Driver Points.” These charts will show you how each driver scored in that week’s race for each game, and it will also show you how many times that driver was picked in The Showcase that week–both as a “regular driver” and the “All Star Driver.” Again, more centralized information–no more opening up 5 different pages to view everything!

Each week I’m going to put together a little post like this to update what is happening in that game. Most will be a lot shorter than this, but seeing as this is the first week of the season, I have a lot to say. Thank you for reading.

The Showcase


81 teams had Dale Earnhardt, Jr. as their All Star Driver this week. That hurt. Next highest picked was Joey Logano at 20.

Richards Rollers took the win this week with 274 points. Having Hamlin as the All Star Driver definitely helped out there. This team was Chase Eligible so that means we have our first Showcase team locked into the Chase…congratulations! Richards Rollers will also take home the weekly prize, which will be at least $50. I’m thinking of increasing that this year, as the prizes haven’t been finalized yet (they will not go down, but some may be added or increased). Those will be finalized this week, and I’ll send an email out to The Showcase players.

BONUS PRIZE: I decided before the race that I would give a bonus prize to the team that scored the fewest points in week 1 (they actually had to submit a roster, though). This week, that “honor” goes to team Oak2. Although you had a bad Showcase week (remember your four lowest scores of the season will be dropped), there will be a framed Jimmie Johnson collectible pieces of race-used sheet metal and tire heading your way. 

Salary Cap Challenge

Out of 248 total teams, one prevailed at Daytona, and that was Speedbump3. They loaded up on the Gibbs Toyotas and that really paid dividends this week.

As far as prizes for this game, those listed on the Rules/Prizes page are pretty accurate, but will be increased a little. Just waiting on a few checks to come in and I will finalize those prizes and let you know for sure what they will be. The top team will be taking home over $1,000 this year, though, that’s for sure.

One thing to note is that I still need to go through all of the rosters and double check to make sure everything is accurate. This could change the scoring for some teams a bit IF I find an error. I expect that to be done by the next race, and will update you on any changes.

Fantasy NASCAR 4×4

hamlin-truex-finish-daytona-50019 teams took the restrictor plate bonus points and decided to score their roster at Daytona. MooseLightnin6 led the way with an impressive 182 points. It looks like 16 teams will be scoring next week at Atlanta. By the way, I hope the Leaderboard is easy for everyone to read. It is pretty self-explanatory, but there’s a lot of information on one chart. THANK YOU FOR EVERYONE WHO HELPED MAKE THIS NEW GAME A SUCCESS IN ITS FIRST YEAR.

Prizes for the Fantasy NASCAR 4×4 have been finalized. 1st place is taking home $652.50, 2nd place wins $326.25, and 3rd place $130.50. Everyone else: better luck next year, which in 2017 we will be paying out the top 4 teams–you know, to keep with the 4 theme.

Fantasy Articles & Advice

As some of you may have noticed, the home page (http://fantasyracingonline.net) has plenty of helpful fantasy articles and other good reads. My plan this year is to consistently publish content here at Fantasy Racing Online. This content is completely free, and I hope you enjoy it.

For those that don’t know, I also write over at www.ifantasyrace.com. That site is full of great content every week about fantasy NASCAR, and I would highly recommend it. You do have to pay for some of the content over there, but it’s well worth it. My main article on ifantasyrace is my Post Practice Predictions, where I rank the top 25 drivers each week once practice and qualifying are completed.

As far as any other fantasy advice or questions you may have, feel free to shoot me an email. You’ve taken the time to play here at Fantasy Racing Online, the least I could do is offer my advice for your fantasy teams–assuming you want to hear it…ha!


That’s about all I have this week. If you read this far, thank you. There will be a lot of things finalized over this next week. I have quite a bit of work to do, but right now I need a break from the craziness over the weekend. Atlanta is next…good luck!