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Week 16 2015 Showcase Rosters – Sonoma

Team Name Driver #1 Driver #2 Driver #3 Driver #4 All Star Driver
5150 Ku Busch Harvick Truex Keselows Kahne
3Fan 4Ever Ku Busch Edwards Bowyer Johnson Gordon
4CRPG Allmendi Ku Busch Bowyer Johnson Gordon
4Stickers Gordon Ku Busch Bowyer Johnson Edwards
A AND J RACING Gordon Ku Busch Bowyer Stewart Allmendi
A88dogger Ku Busch Harvick Ky Busch Earnhard Edwards
ATWAB Bowyer Allmendi Gordon Truex Ku Busch
Babettes Boys Keselows Harvick Gordon Ku Busch Bowyer
Balls to the Wall Ku Busch Bowyer Allmendi Johnson Harvick
barlow racing Bowyer Ku Busch Harvick Gordon Allmendi
BARracing Allmendi Ku Busch Truex Edwards Gordon
Bean Racing 18 Bowyer Gordon Ku Busch Edwards Harvick
BEATIN n BANGIN Truex Ku Busch Gordon Johnson Allmendi
BetWithJack Allmendi Edwards Bowyer Truex Ky Busch
Big Hammer Johnson Hamlin Ku Busch Earnhard Harvick Ky Busch
Big Sammich Ku Busch Bowyer Truex Allmendi Ky Busch
Blazing 7s Ku Busch Earnhard Gordon Allmendi Johnson
Blossom Caught Speeding Newman Stewart Kenseth Ku Busch Larson
Blossom Gen-6 Truex Gordon Bowyer Allmendi Ku Busch
Blossom Plain and Simple Allmendi Edwards Gordon Ku Busch Ky Busch
blue bird racing Bowyer Gordon Harvick Ku Busch Stewart
BOBBYBOD Bowyer Gordon Allmendi Johnson Ku Busch
Booger racing Johnson Truex Allmendi Ku Busch Harvick
BOOMER SOONER McMurray Ku Busch Harvick Allmendi Gordon
BOOMER SOONER 2 Bowyer Ku Busch Harvick Johnson Gordon
Buckle Up Butter Cup Bowyer Ku Busch Edwards Gordon Johnson
Bulldog Racing Ku Busch Johnson Gordon Bowyer Allmendi
Bump From Behind Larson Bowyer Stewart Ky Busch Ku Busch
BumpDrafter Ku Busch Earnhard Bowyer Johnson Allmendi
Cain Racing Johnson Ku Busch Bowyer Truex Gordon
CFlyer Allmendi Ku Busch Ky Busch Edwards Gordon
Chase Racin Edwards Johnson Gordon Bowyer Ku Busch
CHECKERS or WRECKERS Allmendi Ku Busch Bowyer Johnson Gordon
CJ1 Allgaier Hornish Gillilan Ragan Allmendi
CJ2 Allmendi Ku Busch Gordon Bowyer Harvick
Coleridge Bulldawgs Ku Busch Stewart Harvick Edwards Allmendi
Coleridge Bulldawgs2 Stewart Ky Busch Harvick Ku Busch Allmendi
Danicas Pole Position Bowyer Allmendi Johnson Gordon Ku Busch
Dukeyboy Racing Allmendi Earnhard McMurray Truex Gordon
dusty road hitters Gordon Johnson Kenseth Harvick Ku Busch
dusty road winners Gordon Edwards Kahne Allmendi Johnson
Ellies Garage Allmendi Ku Busch Bowyer Harvick Gordon
Fatboy I Ky Busch Allmendi Gordon Bowyer Ku Busch
Fatboy II Edwards Truex Bowyer Ku Busch Gordon
Felonious J1 Kahne Ku Busch Allmendi Johnson Gordon
Felonious J2 Gordon Ku Busch Bowyer Kahne Johnson
Felonious J3 Kahne Gordon Ku Busch Allmendi Johnson
fireball43 Edwards Kahne Truex A Dillon Ky Busch
Four Paws Racing Earnhard Edwards McMurray Keselows Gordon
Fred and Barney Ku Busch Ky Busch Gordon Bowyer Allmendi
FRL Ku Busch Harvick Logano Keselows Kenseth
GarrettGeckoRacing Logano Ky Busch Edwards Johnson Harvick
Garretts Gang Ku Busch Truex Johnson Bowyer Gordon
GO HARD or GO HOME Allmendi Gordon Bowyer Johnson Ku Busch
GoFastTurnLeft Stewart Gordon Ku Busch Johnson Allmendi
Green Eggs and Hamlin Ku Busch Bowyer Earnhard Larson Allmendi
Haulin ass Johnson Harvick Allmendi Gordon Kenseth
HerschJr88 Allmendi Johnson Bowyer Gordon Ku Busch
High Lanes Drifter Allmendi Ku Busch Edwards Bowyer Gordon
HOME DEPOT Bowyer Hornish Ky Busch Larson Allmendi
Hooligan Larson Allmendi Ky Busch Harvick Gordon
hotshots Ku Busch Gordon Bowyer Johnson Allmendi
ICEMAN Ku Busch Bowyer Gordon Edwards Johnson
Intimidator Ku Busch Gordon Bowyer Johnson Allmendi
INTIMIDATORS Truex Bowyer Ku Busch Gordon Allmendi
Ironhead4Ever Allmendi Gordon Bowyer Johnson Ku Busch
Ironheart4Ever Allmendi Ku Busch Bowyer Gordon Johnson
James P-1 Logano Ku Busch Hamlin Gordon Keselows
James P-2 Ku Busch Harvick Hamlin Logano Keselows
JCA_Racing Ku Busch Gordon Allmendi Mears Larson
JCA_Racing2 Ku Busch Gordon Ky Busch Truex Mears
JDoodles Racing Johnson Kenseth Bowyer Allmendi Ky Busch
jeffs14 Ku Busch Bowyer Kahne Truex Allmendi
JimmymoonRacing Gordon Johnson Harvick Ku Busch Ky Busch
jnmcabee Bowyer Ku Busch Gordon Larson Allmendi
Joey2015 Allmendi Ku Busch Truex Larson Ky Busch
K Racing Gordon Allmendi Edwards Ky Busch Ku Busch
Kalin Allmendi Ku Busch Larson Johnson Gordon
Labradoodle Racing Johnson Ku Busch Bowyer Newman Allmendi
Lady in Black Allmendi Bowyer Kenseth Larson Ky Busch
Led Foot Linda Allmendi Ku Busch Kahne Johnson Gordon
LLSPEEDSTERS Bowyer Ku Busch Gordon Harvick Allmendi
MadDog Racing Allmendi Ku Busch Edwards Bowyer Gordon
Madman Racing 18 Earnhard Hamlin Ku Busch Ky Busch Harvick
mahmlh Bowyer Stewart Ku Busch Keselows Allmendi
Maniac Racing Allmendi Bowyer Larson Gordon Ku Busch
Maximum Points Ku Busch Ky Busch Edwards Gordon Allmendi
mickseven Edwards Ku Busch Gordon Truex Bowyer
Missin 3 Allmendi Ku Busch Bowyer Johnson Gordon
Mojo Racing Gordon Bowyer Allmendi Larson Stewart
MOORE RACING Edwards Ku Busch Allmendi Gordon Stewart
NO MOJO PO Allmendi Ku Busch Bowyer Johnson Edwards
NZ Ambrose Fan Allmendi Bowyer Kahne Gordon Ku Busch
One Winner Harvick Gordon Truex Allmendi Ku Busch
Orange Blossom Special Edwards Kahne Johnson Ku Busch Gordon
PatWalsh Keselows Gordon Hornish Harvick Allmendi
Polish Victory Lap Truex Gordon Allmendi Harvick Ku Busch
Purple Cat Truex Bowyer Allmendi Gordon Ku Busch
Racewest20 Ku Busch Allmendi Ky Busch Larson Gordon
Racing Fool Kenseth Edwards Ky Busch Bowyer Allmendi
Richards Rollers Harvick Ku Busch Edwards Ky Busch Allmendi
River Rat Ku Busch Ky Busch Larson Bowyer Truex
rmiller Allmendi Gordon Truex Harvick Ku Busch
robin12 Gordon Allmendi Harvick Bowyer Ku Busch
RockStar Allmendi Ky Busch Ku Busch Stewart Kenseth
RockStar Rocks Bowyer Ku Busch Ky Busch Stewart Larson
RockStar Rules Stewart Ky Busch Larson Ku Busch Allmendi
RockStarz Ku Busch Ky Busch Bowyer Truex Larson
Rocky Ky Busch Stewart Bowyer Ku Busch Larson
Rocky Top Harvick Truex Ku Busch Bowyer Allmendi
Rocky Top 2 Gordon Truex Bowyer Ku Busch Allmendi
Roush Racing Ku Busch Larson Bowyer Allmendi Gordon
RUBBIN IS RACING1 Edwards Bowyer Allmendi Ku Busch Gordon
RUBBIN IS RACING2 Allmendi Harvick Ku Busch Bowyer Gordon
Rubbinz Racin Harvick Stewart Ku Busch Bowyer Allmendi
Rusty Wallace Bowyer Allmendi Gordon Stewart Larson
Sacramento Slide Job Edwards Bowyer Ku Busch Ky Busch Allmendi
SheltonJrRacing Kenseth Keselows Larson Ku Busch Ky Busch
ShogunRacing Truex Johnson Bowyer Harvick Ku Busch
ShogunRacing2 Truex Ku Busch Edwards Johnson Bowyer
SJJ2112 Gordon Bowyer Edwards Truex Hornish
SLD Harvick Truex Johnson Gordon Ku Busch
Slick Track Bowyer Truex Johnson Allmendi Ku Busch
Smoke Will Rise Ku Busch Ky Busch Allmendi Johnson Harvick
Smoke Will Rise 2 Truex Allmendi Larson Logano Gordon
Sneaky Ku Busch Edwards Bowyer Johnson Gordon
SneakyLilDevil Truex Harvick Ku Busch Gordon Johnson
Sophie Logano Edwards Bowyer Earnhard Ku Busch
Speedbump Kenseth Harvick Logano Gordon Johnson
Speedbump-2 Ky Busch Johnson Kenseth Logano Harvick
Speedbump-3 Keselows Kenseth Gordon Johnson Logano
Speedbump-4 Harvick Keselows Logano Johnson Kenseth
Steamers Ku Busch Gordon Edwards Truex Bowyer
SWEET CHEESE US Bowyer Ku Busch Gordon Edwards Allmendi
taylor1 Logano Bowyer Harvick Edwards Ku Busch
taylor11 Keselows Harvick Ku Busch Gordon Allmendi
teamNASCA Ku Busch Gordon Bowyer Edwards Newman
teamNASCA2 Truex Gordon Kahne Newman Bowyer
The Devil Racer Allmendi Ku Busch Bowyer Larson Gordon
The General Ku Busch Harvick Edwards Bowyer Gordon
Toms Crew Ku Busch Edwards Truex Allmendi Gordon
TRs AZ Racing Gordon Stewart Ky Busch Allmendi Larson
Turnipseed Racing Truex Gordon Edwards Bowyer Ku Busch
V-Lane Jersey Joe Bowyer Ku Busch Harvick Truex Allmendi
Vols racing I Bowyer Ky Busch Johnson Hamlin Biffle
Vols racing II Harvick Gordon Ky Busch Truex Kenseth
Wall Rider Allmendi Bowyer Johnson Harvick Ku Busch
wallbanger Ku Busch Edwards Bowyer Truex Gordon
Waterslager Harvick Ku Busch Edwards Bowyer Truex
Waterslager2 Harvick Bowyer Gordon Truex Ku Busch
Waterslager3 Bowyer Gordon Truex Edwards Allmendi
Waterslager4 Bowyer Truex Harvick Ku Busch Allmendi
Wellborn Racing Bowyer Ku Busch Allmendi Edwards Gordon
Windchill Allmendi Gordon Harvick Truex Bowyer
WOODS RACING Truex Ku Busch Harvick Larson Allmendi
wurmburner Allmendi Kenseth Gordon Bowyer Ku Busch

As someone who has always been obsessed with numbers, Fantasy NASCAR has been the perfect fit with me. I pride myself on the quality of my analysis for each race, and am glad that I have been able to help others along the way. I've been a serious Fantasy NASCAR player for over 10 years now, and I'm just getting started.

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