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We’re Gearing Up For 2015

Hello fantasy racers! As you can tell, we have an improved site coming along for the 2015 season. Over the next couple of weeks, we will continue to add all of the elements required to get Fantasy Racing Online ready for the next NASCAR season. We hope you are enjoying the offseason and that you’re ready to go racing again in February! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter (look to the right of this page) so you can stay up to date with everything in the next couple of months.

Have any suggestions to make the site/game better? E-mail me today at:

As someone who has always been obsessed with numbers, Fantasy NASCAR has been the perfect fit with me. I pride myself on the quality of my analysis for each race, and am glad that I have been able to help others along the way. I've been a serious Fantasy NASCAR player for over 10 years now, and I'm just getting started.

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