Unofficial Homestead Wrap-Up

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Hello everyone! As you can probably tell, the site has been updated with the results of Homestead. However, as of right now (11/16/2014, 8:25 pm ET) they are UNOFFICIAL. Chances are they will not change, but we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to officially declare all of the winners. However, I will go through all of the unofficial winners now…

Segment 6

I’m not exactly sure how two teams can go six races and have the exact same amount of points at the end, but it happened…again. Remember, we had a tie for the Segment 4 prize earlier this year. For Segment 6, ShogunRacing2 and Slick Track battled it out and ended up tied with 1,457 points each. Per Fantasy Racing Online’s prize tiebreaker, the team with the highest score for the most recent race (so Homestead) wins the money. ShogunRacing2 had a score of 258 points for Homestead while Slick Track had a score of 259 points. Talk about close… So, via tiebreaker, the $100.00 Segment 6 prize goes to Slick Track (unofficially). Congratulations!

Homestead Surprise Bonus

For those of you that read last week’s e-mail, you know that I offered a $50.00 bonus prize this week at Homestead. To be eligible, you had to reply to the e-mail and submit a roster this week in The Showcase. To win, you had to have the highest score but you couldn’t have the race winner (Kevin Harvick) on your team. Blazing 7s had the best score this week but they also had Harvick as their All Star, so the $50.00 Homestead prize goes to Dynamo (unofficially). Congratulations! Full results of the bonus contest can be found by clicking here.

Clubhouse Competition

Once again it was the Divas & Dudes and Generation-6 battling it out for the $1,000.00 Clubhouse Competition prize. I’ll tell you this: those two clubhouse probably have some of the best fantasy racers out there. I know that those two clubhouses fill up very fast every year–and for good reason. If you ever get the chance to join those clubs, though, I wouldn’t pass it up. The Divas & Dudes won the 2nd Half Clubhouse Competition to make it a clean sweep for the 2014 season. They also won the 1st Half prize in 2013. Nice job, Divas & Dudes! The following 15 teams will split the $1,000.00 prize, equaling out to $66.67 per team (unofficially). The Divas & Dudes is comprised of:

  • Blazing 7s
  • Blossom Caught Speeding
  • Blossom in the Marbles
  • BumpDrafter
  • Dynamo
  • Lady in Black
  • LKL Racing
  • Prime Time
  • RevMyEngine
  • robin12
  • teamNASCA
  • V-Lane Jersey Joe
  • Waterslager3
  • Waterslager4

Pick Six Contest

I think this one has been over for a while now, as Lady in Black has just had an absolute hold on the field for what seems like all year. She finished with 195 points in the contest while 2nd-place Home Depot had 171 points. So, the $50.00 prize goes to Lady in Black (unofficially). Congratulations! I also have to check on last week’s results for anyone who got all six right. That is a $25.00 prize split evenly between multiple teams for one week.

Overall Finishes

Now what we’ve all been waiting for… Bump From Behind took the lead at the mid-point of the 2014 season and rode along until the last few races when Zeldas Goldens started fighting for the lead. Well, it’s all said and done now and the $1,000.00 prize goes to Bump From Behind (unofficially). Congratulations! This year’s Showcase was decided by a mere 20 points. Rocky Top2 won last year by 11 points, and rmiller won in 2012 by 36 points. You can not say that Fantasy Racing Online isn’t competitive! Here are the full UNOFFICIAL 2014 overall standings and corresponding prizes:

  1. Bump From Behind – $1,000.00 + trophy + 2 free entries in 2015 game
  2. Zeldas Goldens – $600.00 + free entry in 2015 game
  3. Wall Rider – $400.00
  4. BumpDrafter2 – $300.00
  5. Blossom Caught Speeding – $200.00
  6. V-Lane Jersey Joe – $150.00
  7. Waterslager – $100.00
  8. Fred and Barney – $75.00
  9. Blossom Plain and Simple – $50.00
  10. Maximum Points – $25.00

Yahoo! League

This year we had 48 teams play in the Pay-to-Play Yahoo! league, giving us a prize pot of $480.00. Congratulations to ICEMAN on winning the top prize!

  1. ICEMAN – $336.00
  2. – $96.00
  3. jjohnson48 – $48.00


I will get the official wrap-up page posted tomorrow night, and then everything will be official. If you won any prize money, expect an e-mail from me soon! Thanks everyone for playing this season, and I hope you will come back next year. Also, be on the lookout for a survey in your e-mail inboxes, which you can use to send suggestions on how to make Fantasy Racing Online even better going into the future.