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List of 2013 Fantasy NASCAR Games

The NASCAR season is about to start up soon and I’m sure that there are plenty of fantasy  racers out there searching for a game (or games) to play. Some, however, don’t know where to look to find the best games. Well, Fantasy Racing Online has you covered. Below you will find a list of our recommended fantasy NASCAR games for the 2013 season, as well as a brief explanation of each.

Have a game that you think should be featured here? Click here and send us an e-mail with some details about it. We’re always looking for new places to play. 

The Showcase at

Cost: $30.00 per team for the entire season (optional Clubhouse Competition is $20.00 extra)
Top Prize: $1,000.00, a trophy, and 2 free entries in the 2014 game
How To Play: Each week you select one driver from four separate groups as well as an “All Star Driver,” who earns double points. You have unlimited trades. Picks are due at the green flag.
Sign Up Link: Click here! Racing League

Cost: $25.00 per team for the entire season
Prizes: Full list can be found by clicking here.
How To Play: Click here for full rules. Before the season, you put together a roster of 8 drivers within a salary cap limit. You get the points for these drivers for the entire season, no trades.
Sign Up Link: Click here!

Fantasy NASCAR Cup Challenge by Chris Townley

Cost: $83.00 per team for the entire season
Prizes: Weekly payouts based on performance. Full list can be found by clicking here.
How To Play: Click here for full rules. Each race, you pick four drivers from an A Group, four drivers from a B Group, and two drivers from a C Group. Picks are due at the green flag.
Sign Up Link: Click here!

Fox Valley Racing

Cost: $51.80 per team for the entire season
Prizes: Segment prizes paid out twice per year. Full list can be found on the site.
How To Play: Each race, you try to pick the top 5 finishing order. You receive 1 point for every driver you correctly pick that finishes inside the top 5 and bonus points if you pick the right position as well.
Sign Up Link: Click here and click “Join League” on top!

As someone who has always been obsessed with numbers, Fantasy NASCAR has been the perfect fit with me. I pride myself on the quality of my analysis for each race, and am glad that I have been able to help others along the way. I've been a serious Fantasy NASCAR player for over 10 years now, and I'm just getting started.

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